What Were You Thinking?  Getting to the Real Root Cause of Risks at a Global Company

Get to the Real Root Cause of Risks at Your Organization

Learn why after safety training your organization still sees incidents and injuries. 

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What Were You Thinking? Getting to the Real Root Cause of Risks at a Global Company [WEBINAR] 


Within your organization, you have great policies, training programs, safety incentives and PPEs. However, you still have incidents and injuries. Why? The truth is, regardless of the environment, training, and tools that we provide to our employees and leaders, they are ultimately the ones who must calculate the risk and decide whether it is acceptable. While everyone can be trained on safe work practices, individuals exhibit many differences in how they respond to certain situations, depending on their unique experiences, traits, abilities, and attitudes related to safety.

One Fortune 1000 organization in the Rail and Locomotive equipment industry has learned this in recent years and is now pioneering new ways to apply individual safety traits into various parts of its operations.  By using a unique mix of leading indicators, and combining them with traditional safety metrics in a data-driven manner, this company is making significant strides in improving its safety culture and performance by starting with the individual.Take part in this ground-breaking look at how individuals and their SafetyDNA™ are linked to the root cause of the vast majority of workplace accidents.

This presentation will provide a detailed case study on how this organization is achieving these results through the use of innovative approaches in three broad areas:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation processes
  • Safety leadership skills development
  • Recruitment and selection


  • Esteban Tristan, Ph.D., Safety Practice Manager at Select International
  • Todd R. Shingleton, Corporate Director, Health, Safety & Environment at Wabtec Corporation

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