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How to Close the Gap:  Evaluating the Skills Gap in the Manufacturing Industry

One factor that tends to unite manufacturing companies nowadays, regardless of industry, is that they are struggling to find and hire talent that has the knowledge and skills necessary for their roles. As experienced manufacturing workers are retiring, the manufacturing industry is booming and in need of more employees, and eligible young applicants are largely unfamiliar with the world of manufacturing. This pain is felt across the manufacturing industry but some organizations are more prepared than others. 

Join this webinar to learn how our client, Chris Allen, North American Talent Acquisition Manager at Vallourec USA Corp. is preparing for hiring in the current job market. 
In this 1-hour webinar, we discuss: 

• What is the skills gap?
• How it is affecting the manufacturing hiring landscape
• How organizations are working to close the skills gap
• What the skills gap means long-term for the manufacturing hiring market
• A Q&A session with Chris Allen, North American Talent Acquisition Manager at Vallourec

Originally presented in June 2018



Hire the Right Physicians. Position Them for Success.
Physicians are facing new challenges and changing expectations. Some organizations are taking a more deliberate approach to selecting and developing providers, to ensure they have career satisfaction and can support the organization’s goals. What tools and strategies will improve the hiring and development process?

Learning Points:

  • Understand the changing expectations and define the goals for your provider selection and development efforts
  • Learn how to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and candidate experience of the physician hiring process. (including a better physician interview, and the use of physician-specific behavioral assessment tools.)
  • Learn how an organization can support each provider’s goals.

Originally presented in June 2018

Why Certain Workers Get Injured More – Unlocking the Code

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn

  • SafetyDNA: the 4 factors that make up an individual’s internal safety profile and how these are accurately measured in 30mns

  • TaskDNA: by applying the SafetyDNA factors to any job task, employees understand their personal exposure BEFORE beginning the task

  • SafetyDNA and TaskDNA working together, simplify site safety using two unique graphics

  • Sustainability: integration of SafetyDNA and TaskDNA into Job Safety Analyses, Task Safety Graphics, Incident Investigations, Toolbox Talks, and Training serve to build a personal and sustainable safety culture

Originally presented in September 2017

With such a low U.S. unemployment rate, local labor markets are saturated and manufacturing companies are facing difficulties in filling both production and skilled jobs. Employee retention becomes a high priority, but retention isn't enough. Companies need to find workers to replace those who end up leaving, while also recruiting for expansions.

To watch the webinar, click here. 

Originally presented in June 2017

Attract and Retain Nurses to Build Your Culture: DaVita's Story

Hire and retain nurses who represent your brand and your culture. DaVita - a Fortune 500 company, lives its mission. They built an innovative, deliberate approach to nursing selection by targeting candidates most likely to support its culture. The company's nursing branding and hiring strategy have improved nursing performance and reduce turnover.

Some of the topics covered in the webinar:

  • Understand how to “operationalize” culture and its impact on patients and organizational success.

  • Customize your recruiting efforts and message to reflect your brand.

  • Customize your hiring processes to target the behavioral skills that make a difference.

  • Understand the variables that impact turnover and a deliberate, targeted approach to improving retention.

Originally presented in March 2017

Developing & Engaging Leaders - The American Greetings Story

Developing and engaging leaders is one of the most important initiatives that companies have and is also one of the most difficult. Renita Jefferson (Director of Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Diversity & Inclusion) and Lisa Villao (Director of Talent Development) from American Greetings have spent the last 20 years working to more effectively hire, develop, and engage their leaders. During this webinar Renita and Lisa discussed the American Greetings leadership journey, the obstacles they have faced, and the solutions they use.

More specifically, they discuss the following topics:

• Managing talent through accountability
• Engaging the executive team as a key to success
• Changing the conversation about millennials
• Competency modeling and keeping things simple
• Training approach where sometimes less is more
• Partnership and vendor management

Originally presented in November 2016

Measuring for Safety in the Hiring Process: Research and Best Practices 

Research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology now shows that there are psychological traits and abilities that are highly predictive of unsafe behavior, workplace injuries, and worker’s compensation claims. A person's “SafetyDNA” can be measured accurately using the right type of assessment technology.Companies who are able to identify SafetyDNA factors in their hiring process are more likely to have safer workplaces, reduced safety incident rates, and more effective safety leadership. 

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll:

  • Identify the key individual traits and characteristics that make up a candidate’s SafetyDNA
  • Understand the research findings linking SafetyDNA to safety outcomes such as injuries, workers' compensation claims and safety behaviors
  • Discover validated psychometric methods that are used to predict safe behavior and candidate risk
  • Know how this technology can be used as a valid and legally defensible part of an organization’s hiring process at all levels
  • Learn best practices on how assessments can be leveraged to improve various safety outcomes in your organization

Originally presented in September 2016

Turnover Reduction:  A Complex (But Achievable) Goal

With little new information about combating this common problem, HR professionals are often forced to approach a high turnover rate without a full understanding of the root cause and with tools ill-equipped at addressing the source of the problem.  The focus of this webinar is to discuss strategies to investigating turnover in your organization and building a talent approach to maximize retention.

This 1-hour webinar will provide guidance on important turnover considerations, such as:
  • How to select for retention.  When do selection interventions work to reduce turnover and how much can you reasonably expect to move the needle on your turnover rate by improving your selection system?
  • How do systemic factors within your organization impact retention rates.  Many factors from pay rate and benefits package to organizational culture and Supervisor-Employee Fit impact turnover.  The presenters will discuss what factors impact retention and what can be done about them.
  • How the external labor market impacts retention rates.  Organizations often do not consider the importance of unemployment rates, community reputation, and the availability of similarly paying jobs in understanding turnover.  This framework provides direction on what to expect from various isolated turnover interventions and how to structure a multi-faceted, complementary, intervention to improve retention.

Originally presented in June 2016

Finding Manufacturing Candidates with Strong Work Ethic

It's something manufacturing organizations ask all the time:  Is it possible to identify candidates who will work hard?  Fortunately, it is.  By measuring very specific competencies in the hiring process, you can easily identify those candidates who possess a strong work ethic, and who will likely be dependable and reliable employees.

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn:
  • Industry-wide issues in hiring the right manufacturing candidates
  • Hiring the new generation of manufacturing employees
  • How to test for manufacturing candidates that
    • Have Strong Work Ethic & Positive Attitudes
    • Exhibit Safe Behavior
    • Have High Productivity 
    • Show up to work, on time
    • Stay on the job
  • Case Studies on using different testing methods
  • Using Production Simulation in the hiring process

Originally presented in March 2016


What Were You Thinking? Getting to the Real Root Cause of Risks at a Global Company

Within your organization, you have great policies, training programs, safety incentives and PPEs. However, you still have incidents and injuries. Why? The truth is, regardless of the environment, training, and tools that we provide to our employees and leaders, they are ultimately the ones who must calculate the risk and decide whether it is acceptable.

This presentation will provide a detailed case study on how this organization is achieving these results through the use of innovative approaches in three broad areas:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation processes
  • Safety leadership skills development
  • Recruitment and selection

Originally presented in June 2015


Are You Ready to Take Your Assessments Mobile?

Gone are the days of testing centers and carefully proctored assessments. We are rapidly moving into the days of unproctored mobile testing. If you are moving to unproctored testing, you are giving up control of your test environment and, like it or not, your tests are being taken on mobile devices. Are you prepared? This webinar will address many considerations when moving your assessment program to an unproctored delivery as it relates to mobile device usage. Verizon Wireless, the largest telecommunication provider in the United States, will share their unique experience in utilizing mobile delivery mode to assess talents.

What you will learn: 

  • Important information about the prevalence of mobile device usage across organizations and test types.
  • Considerations when implementing assessments that will be administered across mobile devices.
  • Ongoing research questions under investigation about mobile device testing.
  • Which candidates are using their assessments across devices

Originally presented in December 2014 

Driving Culture Change with Pre-Employment Assessment at Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) is in the midst of organizational transformation and culture change from a bricks and mortar department store chain to a loyalty program and members-based retailer. While changing a large organization’s culture can be a long and involved effort, this webinar will focus on one way to accelerate the change from the beginning, by bringing in new employees who embrace the new culture. 

What you will learn:

  • How to convince leadership of the need for this type of assessment
  • A comprehensive view of the entire process from development through launch
  • Lessons learned and tips for rolling out a similar process in your organization

Originally presented in November 2014 


The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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