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WHITEPAPER: Developing a Hospital-Wide Behavioral Competency Model

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Healthcare organizations are tasked with providing patient-centered, high-quality, low-cost care.  Hospitals have spent the past decade looking to technology and process changes, seeking to differentiate themselves with new, better, more patient-friendly facilities.  Process advancements and a myriad of patient satisfaction and training programs have been implemented.  Despite all this effort and investment, many still struggle to achieve their goals.

The real difference maker is talent.  Traditionally, however, hospitals think about talent in terms of credentials, advanced training and academic reputations.  All are important, but a key component to measuring talent is through behavioral competencies.

This whitepaper discusses the challenge of linking a hospital's vision and standards of excellence with actionable competencies that form the foundation of HR systems. 

Some highlights include:

  • How is the healthcare industry unique?
  • What are the 3 parts of each behavioral competency?
  • Why should you use caution with automated competency tools?

Download the whitepaper now to learn how a hospital-wide behavioral competency model can significantly benefit your healthcare organization.

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