High Potentials A Roadmap for Identifying and Selecting High Potentials

High Potentials: A Roadmap for Identifying and Selecting High Potentials [WHITEPAPER]

Identifying, developing, and engaging high potentials is an important part of every successful organization’s talent strategy.

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high_potential_cover_with_backaground.pngCulture is driven by leaders. 


Organizations know that their culture is driven by their leaders and they also know that high performing leaders can be associated with all sorts of positive outcomes (e.g., increased retention of staff, higher employee engagement scores). One of the critical drivers of these programs is the need to develop and engage their high potential talent.

Organizations have a huge need to not only develop their talent but also to engage them so that they do not go elsewhere looking for advancement and development opportunities. Now more than ever we are facing a talent war. Great leaders are hard to find and even harder to retain in a competitive global economy.

Learn how to identify, develop and engage high potentials in this whitepaper. 

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