Improve Quality and Reduce Errors

In spite of the widespread use of new technology and processes, the data shows that healthcare organizations have a long way to go toward improving the quality of care and reducing medical errors.

Perhaps better processes and technology are not enough.  In other industries, employees are specifically selected based on their likelihood to follow simple procedures, be diligent about safety compliance, and pay closer attention to details. 

The research is conclusive.  It is possible to improve accuracy, quality and compliance, and to reduce errors and safety incidents.  Human resources professionals have a role in improving the quality of care.

  1. Consider quality of care, preventable errors and safety when developing the competency models for staff at all levels, including physicians, nurses, paraprofessionals and technicians.
  2. Build selection, talent management and development systems around these competencies.

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Healthcare Hiring Essentials
Healthcare Hiring Essentials

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