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Customer Service Test

Improve your Company's Retail Hiring

Great customer service can differentiate you from your competitors in today’s retail marketplace. Even though technology has created more self-serve options, people want quick and easy answers from pleasant and knowledgeable individuals when they have a problem.  This makes hiring customer service representatives critical to most customer service-oriented organizations.

Although there are plenty of candidates to choose from, organizations are still making poor retail-hiring decisions. As a result, they suffer from high turnover and low productivity. It's easy to make bad decisions when you’re lacking the right information. That’s why customer service tests are essential for retail organizations looking to have a stable, productive workforce.

Since 1993, Select International has specialized in finding the right people for the right jobs.  We focus on the development and validation of assessment tools that are accurate, efficient and fair.  We have used our expertise to create a suite of assessment solutions for the customer service industry.  We know how to find you friendly, dependable and hardworking customer service representatives who will add value to your organization.  Our solutions can be used at all phases of the hiring process.

Contact Select International today to talk to our experts about customer service tests or other retail hiring solutions. We’ll work with you to find the best tools for your situation.

The solutions used most frequently by our customer service and retail clients include:

Hourly Level:

  • ServiceFit – This brief, cost-effective assessment screens out call center candidates who are least likely to be dependable and productive, enabling your organization to reduce turnover and replacement costs.
  • ServiceFit Plus – This assessment screens out high-risk candidates early in the hiring process.  Not only does it allow your organization to identify applicants who will treat your customers well, but also uses an integrity scale to help you identify candidates you can trust.
  • Select Assessment for Customer Service – This in-depth assessment measures candidates for hourly positions in call center or contact center environments. Adding this comprehensive customer service assessment test decreases turnover and absenteeism while increasing productivity and quality of work.
  • Select Assessment for Employee Reliability – This assessment identifies candidates with high integrity who are less likely to engage in theft and other counterproductive work behaviors.

Professional Level:

  • PrōFit – This tool quickly identifies professional-level candidates who have what it takes, and screens out those who don't.

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